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Days, weeks, then months had come and gone. Amadra had expected more to arrive, but none came. She remained in Reverie, exploring where she could and making it as much of a home as one could. Prey was plentiful, and she did not understand why it was so devoid of her own kind. She had made her home just off the steep cliffs near the sea, and it was here that she looked out over the ocean.

The days had been hot for months, but she knew that it would cool down sooner or later. After that, winter would be upon Reverie. Perhaps that would drive others away, or maybe it would drive them toward this abundant land. Amadra could only hope that she could hold onto her sanity in the meantime. She'd already taken to talking to herself on a regular basis to keep herself company. And there was the fox she checked in on from time to time.

With a sigh, she turned away from the crashing waves and back into the mossy forest. Her stomach grumbled, and she needed to eat.