skugge [aw]
the clouds hang thick and dense; the salty brine of the air sharp as it whips ‘round gungnir’s platnium silver pelage; lashing against his scarred muzzle. glacial gaze studies the frothing sea churning like a völva’s cauldron. it is a violent churning; seaweed and other bits of jetsam and floatsom drudged from the sea bottom as it crashes against the land bridge; spraying him with cold, unforgiving seaspray and making the rock underpaw slick. though no stranger to traversing slick surfaces: from the icy fjords of his birthland to the seaslick cliffs; gungnir sees the brewing storm as a ill omen and quickens his pace all the same. he is a strong swimmer but he does not have the ability to survive under the water and he is not sure even solidify would work to chill the vengeful sea in her violent mood. no doubt the force of the waves would be enough to break any sort of ice he managed to conjure.
recycletar by cj
The sea, like any god, could be both kind and cruel. Today, it appeared she had chosen the latter. The cold of the water chilled even Asteria, who was accustomed to such temperatures, having spent much of her time in the water. She wondered if it was the wind that made it worse, and she half-considered dipping into the water and swimming as far as she could before resurfacing. She was about to do so, in fact, but movement up ahead caught her attention.

Like a shimmering star in the night sky, she spotted the white pelt and the wolf who wore it. While not entirely keen on males in general, mostly due to her Nereides influence, she was less apprehensive and negative about them than some of her true Nereides sisters. Still, she had been raised in a culture where outsiders were considered something of a disease, and she was not overly friendly as she caught up to him. Aloof was probably the best word to describe her stance and demeanor as she blinked away the sea spray from her eyes.

She has much anger, Mother Ocean, she commented, knowing that making friends (or at least avoiding enemies) was going to be the key to surviving in this new world.

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