don't run away, my love
valentine hummed an old ditty -- how'd it go again? -- as she bounced toward the bridge. the water surrounding it seemed agreeable enough, and while she wasn't too keen on exploring the other side, val figured she had nothing better to do.

leaving the old to enter the new, she started making the journey across, mindlessly continuing with her off-key instrumental.
Ama continued along the bridge. Princess couldn't have been too far off at this point, but maybe she'd gone and gotten herself lost again. Who knew? She could just barely make out the lumpy shapes of trees in the distance, and her heart soared thinking of it. Ama thought they could make it there before nightfall if they scuttled along quickly enough. Something underfoot distracted her, a small shell, and Ama dug it out of the sand where it was partially buried. She'd never seen anything like it, and she decided to keep it as a souvenir. A reminder of her journey to Reverie.

The sound of humming distracted her, and Ama noticed the rather... colorful wolf approaching. She dropped the shell at her feet and cocked her head, wondering if the pastel creature would approach her or pass her by.
valentine did notice the stranger but continued in stride as though she hadn't. walking past her, she caught sight of the creamsicle-colored coywolf and stopped, turning to face her with the gaze of one half-lidded eye. a smile was slow to grow on her maw until it eventually spread so wide as to almost resemble a snarl.

a friend!, val thought to herself as she spun around and chirped her greeting. there was a seashell at the girl's paws which had initially gone unnoticed but once it was seen, oh! she couldn't help but to bend down and get a better look. "you found this yourself?" she asked, still focused on the little curio.
You found this yourself? the pastel wolf asked, and Ama nodded. She looked down at the strange shell, wondering what creature could have inhabited it. It was a shade of bright teal, and it seemed to shimmer with an extra shade of purple on top of that when she shifted it from one side to the other with her paw. Mhmm, she replied, returning her gaze to the wolf.

Have you ever seen one like it? she asked.
valentine couldn't believe it; she'd never found anything this cool, but how come? if for nothing else, this stranger might have been worth sticking around just for her cool scavenging skills. "no, not really"[/q], she admitted, momentarily lifting to better search her memories.

[b]"one time, i found a bird that was really dried up and kinda like leather?"
-- it was a very strange day, that one -- ", nothing like this. how'd you do it?" val kept her flirty eyes at bay, too awe-stricken to even think about wooing anyone.
The other girl asked her how she'd done it, and Ama was baffled for a second. How did I do what? she asked, Find it? I stepped on it. Just looked down and there it was. It wasn't as though she'd been looking for pretty things to carry around. She had bigger fish to fry. Like getting to that forest.

I'm trying to get to that forest before nightfall, she explained. You can come along if you'd like. My traveling companion Princess is around here somewhere, too. Unless she's gotten herself lost again. My-oh-my, Amadra really was picking up quite a gathering, wasn't she? It wasn't on purpose exactly, but she knew that they'd have a better chance at survival if they stuck together.
looked down, and there it was. powerful.

it wasn't, but valentine (who was already semi-speechless) was absolutely floored by this stranger's story. she stood back up and used a paw to reach for the shell, only aiming to tap its surface.

"oh, huh?" val asked, turning her attention upward. she'd seen the bridge, but...there was a forest! her tail began a slow wag behind her as she spoke, "that sounds like fun. princess is a nice name."

a small smirk was writ on her maw as she started to walk onward, calling to her companion, "don't forget the shell!" then, after a moment's thought, "what's your name, anyway?"
Amadra Skeldgir, she replied, dipping her head in greeting. Then she plucked the shell off the ground and into her mouth. Speaking at this point was pretty much out of the question, so she let her new traveling companion guide the conversation wherever she wished. Ama was happy to walk and listen, keeping an eye out for any sign of Princess.

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