[P] If I don't get some shelter I'm gonna fade away
The sea wailed, doing its best to assault the land bridge with showers of salt and foam. Ascher padded along, careful to test each placing of his paws before allowing his full weight to rest on them. The antlered male cast a glance over to his companion with a protective glint in his dark ocean eyes. Only a year separated them in age but Ascher still felt it was his duty to guard Fiora from danger -- and this treacherous crossing certainly came under that umbrella.

His gaze dropped to his paws again. He could’ve stayed back home rather than going on what was potentially a wild goose chase for a cure he wasn’t certain existed. It was a gamble, this entire journey, but Asch felt compelled to make it. Wanderlust touched even a dutiful wolf sometimes, so in part the Melior wolf felt excitement and opportunity - but then, of course, he’d feel guilty as he drew in his next breath. He’d lost count of the sighs he’d released into the salty air.

“Do you want to rest?” he asked of his companion, his eyes softening as they took in her features.
The sea has always made the chocolate and cream girl a little nervous, the unpredictability of the waves and the sharp bite of salt in her lungs made her distrustful to the point that this walk across a bridge made by land between two continents was a little uncomfortable for her. Another blast of salt and seafoam came, causing her butterfly wings to flutter in uneasiness. The simple action casing a small amount of powder to dislodge in a shimmering glow, by the end of this crossing would she have any of the fine powder that coated her wing left? At this rate she had doubted it but she tries not to complain or make too much noise to her traveling companion.

She heard his sighs but she had not commented, he might not be very willing to part with his worryings or even what seemed to cause such a long string of air to make a sound across his lips. Instead she simply followed, opting to be by his side in this quest for a cure that might not exist. She had her own reasons, as selfish as they appeared next to Ascher's intentions. She had gained a new ability just a few weeks ago, something only discovered through sleep. In her dreams she entered on that was not of her own creation or mind, but someone else's entirely. It was strange but she could effect the outcomes and even interact with others. She could Dream Walk, how strange this new ability was.

When Ascher looked back at him she smiled sweetly, there was no way she was going to burden him as she had so many times before. She was useless in many aspects or so she thought and though he was willing to have her travel with him she still felt like she was slowing him down. His words came then, to rest? She shook her head but then spoke as he landed soft blue eyes on her, a blush creeping over the dark bridge of her nose. "O-only if y-you wish to." her voice stammered out, her wings fluttering slightly.
Ascher had known the journey would be hard on Fiora; she was a dainty thing, like a flower growing among rocks. There was a toughness in her too, though - a reluctance to complain regardless of the uncomfortable path they were currently travelling. Ascher had always been protective of the butterfly-winged female; he didn’t notice or care if they were moving slower than he might have on his own. On his own he would’ve been slowed by worry for her and the rest of the wolves back home. Having her there was enough for him to keep pushing on towards these unknown lands.

He glanced around at the churning waves, hoping to see some sign that they might settle soon. Maybe that was too much to ask. Ascher, too, had gained a new ability when he’d turned four years old - but it relied on smooth surfaces. He could hardly see the image of his ailing family back home when the only surface he could look into was so turbulent.

He’d hoped there might be puddles deep enough to collect some still water but they hadn’t seen one yet.

The sweet smile Fiora offered made Ascher’s eyes brighten.

“I could use a little recharging time,” he admitted.

Ascher barely noticed her stammer these days but he did wonder for a few moments if the cold ocean air might be contributing to it. He considered asking if she was cold but he had little to offer to keep her warm - aside from his own body heat. That thought made him avert his eyes for a few moments.

“Let’s see if there’s some shelter up ahead."
Her eyes slide back to the churning waves, they were of an interesting element. One that the butterfly winged female waa not interested in, oh she knew that her plants would never grow and thrive should water never touch them but salt was a killer of flora. And so she found the salt scent and feel of it against her wings very unpleasant. The rather hilarity of the situation was that she waa leaving a breadcrumb trail, well a glowing dust rather than actually crumbs, that anyone could follow.

Her eyes moved to her companion and she felt the blush creeping over the bridge of her darkly naked nose, her folded ears grew hot and uncomfortable as she stammered out her words. He wanted to take a moment to recharge and so they would take a break, she nodded in reply before looking around for some form of shelter. She could forsee a tree to grow and protect them from the sea but not only would it weaken her but she would never let her creations rot under the constant waves and bite of salt.

She shivered lightly from the cold but she did not tell him that she was feeling the chill from all this salt and water, instead she nodded again and stammered out a simple. "O-okay," to his suggestion. It was then she came closer, her fur brushing against his and her cheeks now flared with heat but she did not pull away instead she chose to walk by his side rather than lagging behind.
Ascher’s eyes were already scouring the bridge ahead for any shadows which might be cast by rocks or anything else which could offer the pair of travellers shelter from the elements. His dark turquoise gaze swept along their rocky path just as the waves of the ocean all around them swept against the bridge. There seemed to be nowhere which would provide shelter overhead but there was a cluster of rocks some distance away which might keep out some of the biting wind and spray - for one of them, at least.

Ascher felt a brush of silken fur against his flank and his head turned, a warm smile resting over his features as he took in his friend’s face. It was as much for his own encouragement as it was for Fiora.

“See those rocks?” he swung his muzzle toward the cluster of ocean-smoothed boulders. “Might be room for one of us in there - it might go some way to keeping the wind and sea spray at bay.” He did his best to sound sure and steady. In reality he was fervently hoping that they reached the end of the land bridge soon.

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